The waiting game. I don’t know what’s worse, waiting for the interview to start or waiting for that email that would literally change my life.

That unnerving, almost painful pulpitation you feel right beneath your lungs.The same feeling you feel when you are on top of a roller coaster hanging just before it slides deep down the rails.

I hope it ends soon (with of course a favorable decision).

Tick-tock, tick-tock


Would you?

Imagine yourself depressed, down and sad.

You have your friends to talk to but you chose not to confide to them because you want someone else’ opinion. Someone you don’t know and someone who doesn’t have any idea who you are – an unbiased opinion – a new voice.

Someone comes and offers a listening ear and a few advises. Some sort of a friend from another part of the world.

Would you confide to this person?

Would you?


How can you actually tell if someone has matured or just learned to accept in time? I can’t.

I just turned 27, and for the first time in my life I was just very accepting and thankful. Nothing wrong with being thankful because happy or sad, tragic or not, I am certainly grateful for what ever comes my way. Its hard sometimes, but God helps me get thru.

I’d like to think that my acceptance of what transpired for the last 26 years of my life is all because I am contented (not very, but at least for now I am) and not because I’ve given up.

I guess I can say this because, as I think about it now, I have nothing else to ask for myself but for God to grant me my prayers for someone else’ dream to come true.

As for myself, though I feel so blessed that I’m writing this with a satisfied heart, I still need to make some innovations in my life — for a (much) better me.

Thank you Lord for another year in my life. Through thick and thin, I know you’re always there for me and for those I love.


New beginnings


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Happy New Year to all!

I have the slightest idea how I want to write my yearender, I actually haven’t thought of it that much..

2012 — I can say has been a balanced year for me, there were the constant downs and the unexpected ups but it was far from being too drastic, it was pretty fair.

A year filled with blessings such as merit increases and job promotions, new friends and new family members. Answered prayers and fulfilled dreams that I never really imagined I could do — I’m a legit diver now.

Of course my year wouldn’t be complete without the same old visit of mr sadness once in a while though not that much this year. I still feel so emotionally down sometimes but because of God I never felt alone.

I am thankful for the people I love and those who love me back and for good health and provisions. I can never thank God enough for everything he’s done and given me all the years of my life. 2012 may not be that perfect but Im grateful that I made it through with a contented heart and a smile on my face.

Now for 2013, with my whole heart, I lay my life on God, because without a doubt I know that it would be another worthwhile journey.


New beginnings


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Exactly the opposite of my previous post.

I am now 8 months (and counting), living-away-from-home again with the same person. And for the first time in our just-turned 4th year relationship, I wouldn’t be ranting about anything.

I am happy. Just bored and home-sick sometimes but I am happy.

Happy with how things (relationship wise and financial wise) have immensely improved. Happy that now, I can say that really, my prayers are slowly getting answered. I have a great job, I have transferred my dog to my parents house (though i really miss him so much), business is doing fine and steadily getting better. I have new great friends, I have some whole-day-alone time (just like now haha). I can buy things.

For my post New year and Birthday thankies:

Im very thankful of all the blessings I have (protection, life, career, family, friends and love). I know I wouldn’t have gone through all the bad days of my life without God’s help and I know that He’s always just there to guide me.




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“Seriously, I am so confused than I have ever been..”

I have asked for this for the longest time, and now that I have had my prayers answered why is it that I am still having mixed emotions about all these? I mean, I am finally home, I have my dog with me, I am a bit free to do what ever I want every night (just via net) — but I’m not happy. WHY??

You know, I have been thinking alot about these and maybe its because I came  from a three-year-live-away-from-home life that I am having a hard time coping up with my life back here at home. I thought that if I come back home, my life would have less pressure but as it turns out, its just the same and now I don’t know what to ask anymore.

A year and a half ago I wanted  to come home because I want to have a job and to try to live my dreams, be free, meet new friends, find that someone I am destined to be with and just be with my family and be happy. But now, two months and counting from the day my wish was granted I want to have a job so I could come back to live again with sleepy and just be free.

I am so confused –  so confused that even if I’m home I’d stay inside my room, cry at night (sometimes) and just talk to myself and promise myself that everything’s going to be just fine and that things would  somehow turn out the way I have imagined it to be..



Project So-eX

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“Your world is my world..”

A few months back, whilst living my unproductive life and listening to a Justin Bieber song, a thought came across my mind — Is it really possible to have friends from all over the world?

I wasn’t really sure how to go about making friends from all over the world, until it hit me — it all depends on the wonders of the interwebs! Thinking way-way back  i remembered that i was so fascinated with this messenger called Skype because of the little flag icons it has and i’ve always thought i could put Skype to good use — and so i did.

It’s actually very interesting to get to know people from all over the world. I’m amazed how different each individual is. How they introduce themselves and how they actually speak to you. What things they want to talk about and know and such. I guess the influence of each individual’s culture plays a big part in determining what kind of person you’ll be.

I’ve actually set a goal to know at least one person (male/female) per country. But after a few months of trying to, i think that it is quite hard to achieve because of the time difference.. I only get to talk to people from countries that fall into my time gap (just for people who stays up so late and wakes up early in the morning).

Im still having fun knowing and learning alot. And its such a nice experience. I would post features regarding this project and you will be amazed at how different each person is.

This project is actually a good and fun way to learn something and do something with my unproductive life as of the moment.


Project So-eX