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Exactly the opposite of my previous post.

I am now 8 months (and counting), living-away-from-home again with the same person. And for the first time in our just-turned 4th year relationship, I wouldn’t be ranting about anything.

I am happy. Just bored and home-sick sometimes but I am happy.

Happy with how things (relationship wise and financial wise) have immensely improved. Happy that now, I can say that really, my prayers are slowly getting answered. I have a great job, I have transferred my dog to my parents house (though i really miss him so much), business is doing fine and steadily getting better. I have new great friends, I have some whole-day-alone time (just like now haha). I can buy things.

For my post New year and Birthday thankies:

Im very thankful of all the blessings I have (protection, life, career, family, friends and love). I know I wouldn’t have gone through all the bad days of my life without God’s help and I know that He’s always just there to guide me.



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