New beginnings


photo from thru google images

Happy New Year to all!

I have the slightest idea how I want to write my yearender, I actually haven’t thought of it that much..

2012 — I can say has been a balanced year for me, there were the constant downs and the unexpected ups but it was far from being too drastic, it was pretty fair.

A year filled with blessings such as merit increases and job promotions, new friends and new family members. Answered prayers and fulfilled dreams that I never really imagined I could do — I’m a legit diver now.

Of course my year wouldn’t be complete without the same old visit of mr sadness once in a while though not that much this year. I still feel so emotionally down sometimes but because of God I never felt alone.

I am thankful for the people I love and those who love me back and for good health and provisions. I can never thank God enough for everything he’s done and given me all the years of my life. 2012 may not be that perfect but Im grateful that I made it through with a contented heart and a smile on my face.

Now for 2013, with my whole heart, I lay my life on God, because without a doubt I know that it would be another worthwhile journey.


New beginnings

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