How can you actually tell if someone has matured or just learned to accept in time? I can’t.

I just turned 27, and for the first time in my life I was just very accepting and thankful. Nothing wrong with being thankful because happy or sad, tragic or not, I am certainly grateful for what ever comes my way. Its hard sometimes, but God helps me get thru.

I’d like to think that my acceptance of what transpired for the last 26 years of my life is all because I am contented (not very, but at least for now I am) and not because I’ve given up.

I guess I can say this because, as I think about it now, I have nothing else to ask for myself but for God to grant me my prayers for someone else’ dream to come true.

As for myself, though I feel so blessed that I’m writing this with a satisfied heart, I still need to make some innovations in my life — for a (much) better me.

Thank you Lord for another year in my life. Through thick and thin, I know you’re always there for me and for those I love.


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