Would you?

Imagine yourself depressed, down and sad.

You have your friends to talk to but you chose not to confide to them because you want someone else’ opinion. Someone you don’t know and someone who doesn’t have any idea who you are – an unbiased opinion – a new voice.

Someone comes and offers a listening ear and a few advises. Some sort of a friend from another part of the world.

Would you confide to this person?

Would you?

One thought on “Would you?

  1. Um, yes. That’s what I do all the time with my blog. Kinda. I mean, when I have something to share I either write it for myself or God, or share it on my blog…And also share it with God of course, but the blog too. But it’s not exactly because I want new opinions so much as I just don’t want to overwhelm my usual confidants so much. The more people you can talk to the better, sometimes.

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